How Much Do You Know About Chinglish? Answer Quizzes & Win $10 Points

How much do you know about Chinglish?

Years of dissemination and evolution of English, the global lingua franca, has led to the birth of many interlanguage varieties, such as Japanese English, Korean English, etc. As you are reading this, do their pronunciations ring in your ears already? Interlanguage varieties of English are common across the globe with their own regional or national characteristics.

Bruce Lee has made Chinese Kungfu known worldwide. Chinese food also enjoys a good reputation overseas. But how much do you know about Chinglish? To give you an introductory lesson on Chinglish, here comes the much-fun activity – “How Much Do You Know About Chinglish? Answer Quizzes & Win $10 Points”! Let’s find the Chinglish experts among us!

1、Activity details:
Duration: 00:00 Mar. 14, 2022 – 23:59 Mar. 25, 2022 (UTC+8)

During the activity, Customer Service accounts: 二十四の夏至、二十四の小暑、二十四の雨水 will post quizzes, in turn. Each post will give a Chinese sentence/phrase to be translated into Chinglish. Participants must submit their answers in the comment section. The first 10 correct answers will each be rewarded with $10 time-limited points.


Example: Customer service [email protected]二十四の小暑 posts:
How do you render the following Chinese words into English in the Chinglish style?

Chinese: 怎麼是你? 怎麼老是你?
Answer: How are you? How old are you?

3.Redemption form link:

① The activity is not open to users from mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan. Participants from the above-mentioned regions are deemed invalid.
② The screening process will be conducted based on the “Posts” nickname, UID and the IP address to ensure that each participant only wins once.
③ The prize will be distributed after the activity.
④ Answers will be revealed one day after the quizzes were posted. Winners will need to fill out a form to claim the prize.
⑤ Only answers in English will be valid.

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